Creativity knights

We co-create with the people who have the audacity to do things differently, designing joyful spaces where groups feel creative, empowered and connected. We believe that when each individual is able to realize their vision of the future they are more likely to reach their goals. Together, we can contribute in developing the Bahraini community and improving its knowledge and point of view towards design & modern marketing by spreading awareness about it and empowering the Bahraini’s mentality. Our multicultural and Open-Minded team, formed by Bahrainis with different perspectives and expertise, empowers individuals and organizations to comprehend their ideas. A team with different backgrounds and experiences: Planning, Design, Consulting, Coaching and Educating.

These will be carried out through the functions of Marketing, Business Management, Graphic Design and Communication. This perfect combination to steer innovation towards excellent outputs

Zaher Al Majed
Founder & Creative Director

Zaher Al Majed is a Bahraini Creative / Art Director. Design has been Zaher’s passion for as far back as he can remember and he has accumulated over fifteen years of experience designing creative, high-quality concepts across different mediums including branding..etc

Ali Al Saeed

Alsaeed is one of the best street photographers, he has a photo in each and every corner around the country. if he didn’t find anything to capture he create the scene and manage to produce an amazing result. He converts the simple object into piece of art.

Hussain Sanad
Software Developer

Hussain is the guy who creates, tests and programs applications software for computers. Applications are used in almost every type of computer device, from desktops to handheld devices. He is the mind and finger behind the greatest application we create.