About Us

Our name is a symbol of our philosophy. We love envisioning a positive future and doing our part to create it. It’s our mission to help illuminate the way forward for brands, bringing their future into reality.

We believe in a holistic creative approach that includes strategic direction, design, and web development, all working together within one team. Our creative process enables us to uncover brand potential and opportunities for formulating an exciting and emotionally resonant visual narrative. This collaborative approach provides a strong foundation leading to the design and development of all key touchpoints.

We’ve been digital from the very beginning. As a design and technology company, we’ve seen the landscape change dramatically — our industry has evolved, our clients’ businesses and their challenges have become more complex, consumer behavior has changed — and we have changed.

Lion Tower was started with the belief that intuitive and engaging consumer experiences will help move our clients’ businesses forward — and we still believe that today. We believe that digital is much more than an advertising and marketing channel. We help our clients realize the full potential of digital through our Strategic Design process and the solutions we create for them.

Lion Tower is a Marketing and Design agency, made up of young emerging creatives in the design and marketing fields based in Bahrain. We strive for better since 2013 as we’ve helped companies win hearts and minds since then. We believe in the power of ‘What If we?’, We combine digital strategy, UX and design to help clients think beyond ordinary. We work with big and small of all shapes and sizes, from all corners of the globe. We believe in people no matter their background or years of experience.


We create effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to connect people to brands.


Branding & Design

Brand Development
Brand Launch & Audit
Brand Strategy
Brand Planning
Brand Implementation
Naming Consultancy
Typography & Calligraphy

Marketing & PR

Market Research
Campaign Strategy
Exhibition Management 
Social Events Management

Social Media Management

Graphics & Motion

Storyboard creating
Digital Drawing
2D Visualisation
2D Animation
3D Visualisation
3D Animation


Web & Digital

Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Web Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing & HTML
User Testing
Mobile Applications
IOS App Development


Our Clients

We’re proud to work with industry-leading brands that strive to add value in their sectors and at large. We want to work with clients who value the same things we do. Note: We want to work with clients who value the same things we do.

Creativity Cubs

We co-create with the people who have the audacity to do things differently, designing joyful spaces where groups feel creative, empowered and connected. We believe that when each individual is able to realize their vision of the future they are more likely to reach their goals. Together, we can contribute in developing the Bahraini community and improving its knowledge and point of view towards design & modern marketing by spreading awareness about it and empowering the Bahraini’s mentality. Our multicultural and Open-Minded team, formed by Bahrainis with different perspectives and expertise, empowers individuals and organizations to comprehend their ideas. A team with different backgrounds and experiences: Planning, Design, Consulting, Coaching and Educating.
These will be carried out through the functions of Marketing, Business Management, Graphic Design and Communication. This perfect combination to steer innovation towards excellent outputs

Zaher Al Majed
Founder & Creative Director

Zaher Al Majed is a Bahraini Creative / Art Director. Design has been Zaher’s passion for as far back as he can remember and he has accumulated over fifteen years of experience designing creative, high-quality concepts across different mediums including branding..etc

Contact Us

Whether you would like to ask me a question, or if you would like to inquire about commissioning me for work I would love to work with you on your next project! Email me using the contact form and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

We receive a lot of emails, so please give us least 24 hours to respond!